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About Us

Understanding that monthly credit reporting is a big boost to your credit will motivate you to find a lender that will reward you for making timely payments. A loan with us is a giant step in starting or rebuilding your credit. Your credit score has a direct affect on your future and is more important now than ever with the rising requirements for home and auto loans. We can help. By reporting credit on our customers once a month we are insuring other lenders that you are able to pay your payments in a timely manner, that you are responsible and that you would not be a high risk investment for their company. With other companies who may report credit every three months or once when you pay off your loan you miss out on the opportunity to increase your credit score monthly and establish to other lenders that you are able to make consecutive payments month after month. We have helped hundreds of customers with their credit by reporting monthly - let us help you too.

When we sell you a car we work the loan so that you will walk away with your title in around 36 months. By offering short term loans our customers benefit from less interest paid over the life of the loan and free you from being bound to payments for 60 months as is the case with many car lots. Less money over the long haul and shorter loan terms will also benefit your credit by offering you the chance to pay off your loan in a short amount of time.

Being a Buy Here Pay Here we are able to offer our customers a one on one experience and we are able to make the decision on loan approvals instead of waiting for approval from an outside loan company. We sit down to find out your situation and don’t judge you by your credit score or credit history. For instance, job loss, laid off, loss of hours at work, loss of income - we know that your credit score is more a product of your situation rather than your refusal to pay so we give you the opportunity to explain that to us so we can see the total picture of who you are. By knowing our customers personally we are able to work out a loan offer, down payments and payments that fit your budget and get you on your way to good credit. Once you pull off our lot in your new car, you can be assured that your relationship with us is only beginning.

By offering a wide variety of vehicles in many makes, models and colors and never selling a car with a salvaged title - we make it a point to have a vehicle that will work in your budget and be a reliable source of transportation for you and your family. We offer financing and cash deals on our cars with only a limited number of our vehicles being cash only vehicles. All of our financed vehicles are run through our on site shop, oil and filter are changed and they will go through a thorough inspection before they make it to you. Our promise to you that we are big on dependability comes in the form of a 30 day drive train warranty which covers motor, transmission and rear end on all of our financed deals and an onsite shop which is available to our customers upon appointment should future repairs arise. This is another small way we work to make your car buying experience a good one and to go the extra mile for our customers.

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Address: 2208 South Dixie Hwy. 41 : Dalton, GA 30722
Phone: (706) 275-6226
Fax: (706) 226-6064
Email: janddauto@hotmail.com